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Katherine Muir Miller is a full-time artist who lives and works out of her studio in Ottawa. She is passionate about Canadian landscape and through her travels and artistic eye, captures the landscape that connects her so strongly to nature.

Katherine completed courses through the Ottawa School of Art as well as mentorship studies under Joan Imrie and Gordon Harrison. She now works independently in her home studio – inspired by friends and family, landscape, and colour. Her collection showcases landscapes rarely seen by anyone but Canadian wilderness canoeists. Her scenery spans the Arctic Ocean of the Northwest Territories, to the lakes and roaring falls of Temagami, to the many regions of Québec including the Saguenay and James Bay.

Katherine’s artistic belief is one of evolution. Her passion for the colours found in nature are a huge driving force: “Landscapes give colour to me (…) It’s fascinating how many colours one can see in a single tree”. She wants her viewer to feel the movement, mood, and natural simplicity of her subject matter. Katherine uses her own photos and those collected from her friends and family’s travels across Canada as inspiration, using their energy to transform their adventures into her original works.


Autumn Poetry I

16"h x 16"w


Autumn Poetry II

16"h x 16"w


Island Hopping

24"h x 48"w


Colours of Summers End

40"h x 60"w


Enchanting Shoreline

48"h x 60"w


Late Summer

30"h x 30"w


Summers End Paddling


It's All in the Sky


Strength and Resilience


Two Dancing Pines