Out of the Blue by Mary Pfaff and Jennifer Anne Kelly

Wednesday, July 13, 2016
Out of the Blue

A collaborative show by local artists Mary Pfaff and Jennifer Anne Kelly. Out of the Blue explores the tension of the unpredictability of life and destiny in following ones true path.

"Many of us feel a powerful tension in the unpredictability of life. Serenity emerges in our ability to release control of our future course, and allow our destiny to follow an organic path of curves and turns filled with surprises both happy and sad. Letting go of any sense of control, and taking each step with a kind spirit and a thoughtful intent, can open our mind and eyes for the journey. A wide and spectacular sky, a reflective river, one fallen feather—these are given to us as a mysterious magic or an offer of answers. These moments of connectedness and gifts of talismans appear out of the blue, carrying messages that we cannot control or predict. And this is when we feel the contented sensation of freedom and safety."- Jennifer Anne Kelly 

On display through the month of August. Opening Party Thursday, August 4th from 6-9pm at 169 Preston Street.