Whales, Mermaids + Elephants by Mary Pfaff

Time: May 05 2019 |

Location: 422 1/2 Preston Street Ottawa, Ontario

Over the last six months Mary has metaphorically embraced Whales, Mermaids & Elephants as her travelling companions. They are there to be carried in the mind’s eye.
Typically Mary draws and paints about how things feel and what they mean to her rather than describing what they look like in a literal way. She found producing this series was like taking a ride to an enchanting place and letting whatever showed up join the party.
Thoughts of grace, gravity, nature’s beauty and natural flow kept her company throughout the process.

Elephants weep, whales sing and, despite their huge weight, they are remarkably graceful and mesmerizing to watch. Mermaids are cherished, mystical creations that can swim anywhere in our imaginations. All three seem to express joy in the same way we do while we play and frolic in the water. Pfaff was curious how these connections might convert onto canvas.

She envisioned watery, rhythmic backdrops where they could float. Fluidity and playfulness and dual aspects like weight and weightlessness, courage, strength and vulnerability weave together.
Pfaff’s paintings offer to take the viewer to a place to which they want to return over and over.