Balance | Between by Sara Alex Mullen and Michelle Reid

Time: Jan 27 2020 |

Location: 422 1/2 Preston Street Ottawa, Ontario

Balance | Between by Sara Alex Mullen and Michelle Reid is an exploration of city vs. nature, and the inspiration they find in their daily settings.

Sara seeks out peace and beauty from her everyday surroundings. That may come from finding stillness within the city, down a quiet alleyway or neighbourhood park or from watching calm reflections in water or leaves rustling in the wind. “Being present to enjoy the surrounding colours, sounds, and movement of nature allows for a small escape from our busy lives, our busy minds and our endless to do lists, to just be still and appreciate all that we have.”

Michelle seeks balance of light and shadow in her artwork. Whether her subject be deep forest or an urban street scape, her goal is the same. How the sunlight wraps around the trunk of a tree or a sunset lights up the windows of a building can transform shapes into magic. For Michelle, light and shadow symbolize the balance of society and solitude. Michelle finds energy in the city to fuel her inspiration and is drawn to woods to decompress and reflect. On display for the month of February.