A Colourful World

Time: Apr 06 2019 | 3-6pm

Location: 422 1/2 Preston Street Ottawa, Ontario

A Colourful World by Kate Ryckman and Alexandra Urosevic is full of vibrant and cheerful work, evoking feelings of joy and gratitude. This exhibit explores how their creative upbringings and exposure to art from a young age has shaped their experiences, careers, and their open and colourful view of the world. Both Kate and Alexandra work as art teachers, sharing in their knowledge, skill and the beauty and vibrancy with which they depict their subjects. At the core of their artistic practice is a strong sense of gratitude, a quality that connects two seemingly different styles of art. Gratitude for their exposure to art from a young age, for how it has formed their lives, for being able to share it with their students, and for how it has enriched everything around them.