The Nature of Simplicity by Tracy Armstrong and Lisa Mace

Time: Jan 27 2020 |

Location: 422 1/2 Preston Street Ottawa, Ontario

The Nature of Simplicity features elements of nature and landscape highlighting the serene beauty of our natural world and the magnetic power nature has on our emotions and wellbeing.

Tracy Armstrong’s collection of work focuses on soft horizon lines, misty skies, and flowing water, reducing the complex and cluttered components of the modern world and transforming it into the feeling of a place and moment in time. Tracy aims to capture the essence of nature, transporting you to a nostalgic place of reflection.

Lisa Mace’s artwork focuses on the feeling of stillness and insight that can be found in nature, honing in on particular subjects to highlight both their beauty and power. This collection features sailboats on the open water and the Canadian jack pine tree, both subjects rich with symbolism. What they share is a sense of solitude and mindfulness, powdered by the wide-open settings of open water and rustic land.

Both Tracy and Lisa treat their subjects with careful focus, thus highlighting both the beauty and simplicity found in our natural surroundings.