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Viviane Bergevin is a Canadian artist, residing in Ottawa, Ontario. With a Parisian heritage, Viviane grew up surrounded by art and creativity and thus fuelled her passion for painting. Painting provides a form of meditation for Viviane, while she aims to find balance and harmony in her work. Her use of texture, vibrant colour and strong contrast, characterize her style.

Viviane began painting only a few short years ago, after studying contemporary abstract artwork at the Ottawa School of Art. The exploration of emotions through colour and movement are what draws Viviane to abstract as a style.Traces of landscape and the elements peak through Viviane’s work offering the viewer a hint of familiarity, while still remaining open for interpretation.

Aside from the use of strong contrasting colour, Viviane explores the use of texture heavily in her work. Often working with sand, cheesecloth and other various materials, Viviane builds up her canvas to add visual interest, grittiness and movement to her work.






Right Where You Are


In Between


Neige Fraiche


Automne de mon Québec


Our Jounrney


Let's Sit for a While I


Let's Sit for a While II


Here and There


Let's Pause