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Filled with thick layers of texture and bold and blended colour, Brenda Miller’s artwork explores that of our surroundings. Inspired by dilapidated buildings, old barns, faded and peeling layers of concrete and paint, Brenda is drawn to what lies underneath. Exposing the beauty under the layers of age and wear.

Much like old buildings, Brenda’s work is layered with strokes, washes and drips upon drips of colour. She uses palette knives, spatulas, and trowels to create layers of texture. Some pieces are bold and vibrant, and some soft and soothing, all evoking feelings of intrigue, vulnerability and freedom. While Brenda’s inspiration is based in representation, she is drawn to abstract art as mode to allow the viewer to explore at their own pace, and find their own meaning. She wants each viewer to explore her work, take what they need, not telling them what to see or feel.

Brenda Miller lives and works in Brockville, ON., in her home studio alongside the St. Lawrence River at the start of The 1000 Islands. Inspiration is all around when you sit and watch “The River”. It draws you in so that you feel you become part of it. Peaceful, calming, and serene but also dark, heavy and mystical. It’s “the River” – only once you have lived on “The River” can you explain it.


St Lawrence Sunset




Breaking Through




Standing in the Light