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Full of line and pattern, Amanda Eaton creates rich little worlds of line and texture on her canvases, using a vast array of mediums and tools to guide her work. Inspired by organic shapes and a strong sense of connectedness, Amanda allows paint to guide her compositions, with wet puddles flowing into one another and connecting all the elements of detail and pattern into one busy, yet calming macrocosm.

At the forefront of her work, is exploration. “I am very intrigued by the process of using different techniques and mediums to create the right composition with a variety of colours, lines and shapes. I use a variety of different tools to create textures.”  These tools include the ends of broken paint brushes to create scratches and marks; plastic forks to stamp or drag paint; a tooth brush to create splatters; rubbing alcohol and a dropper to create a rippled effect; a spray bottle to create a spider effect; her fingers to blend colours; tissue paper to imprint; pencils to draw. The list goes on.

Although her unique style is often busy with texture, repeated shapes, lines and movement it has a sense of calmness. “I like to describe my style as being a mixture between the fluidity of water colour and the boldness of graffiti. “ In creating rich little worlds of pattern and detail, Amanda’s goal is to inspire those to look more carefully at the world around them, to discover beauty in unusual things.


The Spirit of her Walk

24"h x 18"w



36"h x 36"w