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Flowers offer an endless source of symbolism and inspiration in art and inspire the work of Ottawa artist Alexis Near.  A sign of life and beauty, flowers are also impermanent and imperfect, which is something Alexis admires most about them, that message they have to offer and serves as a reminder.

 Working in acrylics, Alexis draws her inspiration from the everyday, transforming her subjects into something unique and painterly. Using colour as her vehicle of expression, Alexis often starts with a bright white background, then hones in on select few colours to pop and come alive off the canvas.

 With the use of colour and heavy brushwork, her goal is to capture the energy and movement that flowers embody. Alexis’s work can be characterized by a strong contrast between light and dark, soft and heavy, strong and subtle. As a whole, Alexis aims to portray the sense of power, delicacy, and beauty found in nature.


Spring Blossoms